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Mindful Content Consumption

During the height of the pandemic, I noticed how the content I was receiving via TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the news was contributing heavily to anxious feelings.

Modern technology has enabled us to access virtually any type of content at our fingertips. With this comes instant gratification and a potential peak in nervousness or anxiety, depending on what content we've just digested.

I consciously tried to scale back my consumption, often checking in with myself before I read past a headline. For example, did I need to read in detail about how COVID impacted a cruise ship that I was not on?

I often encourage my clients to be mindful of how they engage with content consumption.

This can start with a simple check-in with a 5-point scale about how they feel after consuming content through an app like Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.

While staying informed and educated is important, so is your mental health!

- Be selective with what you take in

- Set time limits

- Swap with a neutral or positive action

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