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  • Brianna Paruolo

5 Journal Prompts to Help You Connect with Your Inner Self This Fall

Although summer doesn't technically end until September 23rd, many of us are catapulted into transitioning into a new season the moment September first hits. The time has come again to embrace pumpkin spice and everything nice! This also means many of us will go through a mourning period reflecting on core memories from this past summer. Fall is a true season of transition, not only in the weather but also in our lives. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, we may find ourselves reflecting on the past year and making plans for the future. This can be a time of great change and growth, but it can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Journaling is a great way to improve your mental health and well-being. It can help you:

  • Process your thoughts and emotions

  • Set goals and track your progress

  • Reflect on your experiences

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve sleep

  • Boost creativity

Here are my top five journaling prompts to welcoming sweater weather:

Journal Prompts:

  • How can I use summer memories to inspire and motivate myself?

  • Write about a specific summer memory that makes you feel happy, grateful, or motivated.

  • What lessons did you learn from this experience?

  • How can you apply these lessons to your life today?

  • In the midst of busy routines and changing seasons, how can I prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy balance in my life?

  • What are your self-care priorities?

  • What steps can you take to make sure you're taking care of yourself?

  • How can you create a healthy balance in your life?

  • What changes or transformations am I currently undergoing in my own life?

  • What are the positive aspects of these changes?

  • What challenges are you facing?

  • How can you embrace and navigate these changes with grace and resilience?

  • How can I infuse my creativity into my September routines to stay inspired and connected to my passions?

  • What are your creative interests?

  • How can you make time for creativity in your daily life?

  • What steps can you take to stay inspired and motivated?

Tips for Integrating Journaling into Your Routine:

If you're like me, you might think, "These are great, but how am I going to find the time to sit down, reflect, and feel my feelings?" The good news is that journaling does not have to take up a big chunk of your day! So, between tennis practice, SAT prep, or conducting industry research, try out the following tips to seamlessly integrate journaling into your routine!

  • Set aside a specific time each day to journal.

  • Find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted.

  • Start with a short amount of time, such as 10 minutes.

  • Gradually increase the amount of time you journal each day.

  • Don't worry about making your journal entries perfect.

  • Just write whatever comes to mind.

  • Be patient and persistent. Journaling takes time and practice.

About the Author: Brianna Paruolo, MSED, CMHC-LP, works as a women's perfectionist and self-esteem therapist, offering guidance and support to women who want freedom from the pressures they so often place on themselves. She is passionate that everyone can welcome a new normal where they love themselves and face the future with hope. Send her an email at to connect today!

Legal Notice: The content presented in this blog post/Instagram post is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide mental health treatment. It is crucial to consult with a qualified mental health professional for personalized advice or treatment regarding your specific circumstances. Reading or engaging with this content does not establish a client-counselor relationship, and the author is not liable for any actions taken based on the information provided. It is recommended to seek up-to-date information and consult professionals for the latest advancements in mental health research and practice. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact your local emergency services or helpline immediately.

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