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  • Brianna Paruolo

5 Boundary-Setting Phrases to Try In the Workplace

The workplace can serve as a setting where boundaries are highly blurred. This can often lead to burnout and tension. Here are five boundary-setting phrases to try in the workplace + how to set a boundary. Remember, a boundary is in place to make a relationship stronger!

How To Set a Boundary

  1. Define: Identify the desired boundary

  2. Communicate: Say what you need

  3. Stay Simple: Don't overexplain

  4. Set Consequences: Express why the boundary is important

Boundary Setting Phrases:

"I understand the urgency of the task, but this isn't something I can take on right now."

"Thank you for the feedback; I'd like to take a break so I can collect my thoughts."

"My working hours are from 9-5 pm. I will not respond to or action an email/task outside of those hours."

"I can work one hour later this week and will observe time off in lieu of the extra time worked."


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